Join the community to access in-depth articles, case studies and templates covering best practice data governance, data management, Data Futures implementation and capability modelling.

We have explicitly called this a community rather than a members area. From my experience of running the HE LinkedIn Data Capability Group, I know how hard it is to get good advice from trusted sources. We only ask you to register so we can provide you with updates and new material.

It is provided without license or obligation! We do hope you find this material useful, but if it doesn’t make sense please do get in touch.

In our community area, you will find two categories of materials:

Concepts and templates: Concepts provide an overview and worked example of key data governance and management concepts. These include  what is conceptual modelling, how to manage a data quality issue process and why you should prioritise a business lexicon. The associated templates act as generic versions of these concepts saving you time and showing where to start. Additionally you will find specific concepts and templates developed to support HESA Data Futures and the UCISA business capability model.

Case Studies. Here you will find  longer anonymised articles describing projects in one or more of the six services we offer. They are written to show not just what we do, but how we do it. Each article highlights our approach to setting out a project, how we engage with all interested parties and how we deliver and communicate the outcomes.

If you click on a category, e.g. ‘Data Futures Assurance’, all templates and case studies in this category will be displayed.

We’d be delighted to receive feedback on what’s currently available and what you’d like to see next. With at least 40 more templates and case studies to come, the community will help us prioritise which ones to publish next.

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