Speaking and Writing

What is it?

I have spoken at a large number of events in my career. For HE, much of this has been around the HEDIIP (now HESA) data capability model and data governance. I have presented in the breakout sessions at SROC http://www.sroc.ac.uk, HESA Data Future Events and a number of sector groups including HESPA (www.hespa.ac.uk) and CHEIA https://www.cheia.ac.uk.

I have collaborated on a European Erasmus+ project hosted by the University of Gent. I also have offered advice and consultancy – free of charge – to a number of international universities includes the Asian University for Women.

I regularly speak at universities to all levels of academic and professional staff . This is matched with writing about how data can enrich the HE sector. Those articles are commissioned and published by WONKHE (www.wonkhe.com)

What can I do with it?

This is a bespoke service based on the needs of an institution, a group of institutions or a sector body. We work hard to understand what messages need to be carried through any speaking or writing engagement, and then engage with internal communications groups to ensure we are in line with the university’s needs. Additionally we ensure that any material created is reusable without the need for a further engagement.

Who else is using it?

This year I have spoken at over ten universities and three major sector bodies.

How much does it cost?

As bespoke engagements, costs are fixed depending on scope. We do a number of free speaking events for causes we support such as SROC.

Where can I find out more?

Please get in touch with your requirements.

If you’d like to know,