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Why visualising Data Quality issues can overcome institutional inertia.

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A recurring problem with resolving cross domain data quality issues is the asymmetry of benefits. Essentially the data producer (responsible for entering or uploading data at the point of collection) has little visibility of how the quality of that data will affect the data consumer (the person or persons who use it). The utility of data is often scuppered at this collection point, as the producer - understandably - will apply only the business and quality rules relating to their own use cases. This is not simple to fix. I used to believe merely showing people the implications of these actions [...]

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2022 update. The link is for the later CAUDIT/HERM model developed by the UCISA EA CoP. I've not spent much time looking at this so some of my notes wil be out of date. The original model is not on UCISA's website anymore, but you can find it by googling. These are the basic documents for the generic UK Higher Education Capability Model. These outputs are taken from the published UCISA EA CoP:   In future templates, there will be a number of 'how to' articles so it's useful to store a copy here for you to refer too. The [...]

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