I’m co-hosting a one hour webinar with my friends and colleagues from Waterstons

It’s based on feedback from our clients on gaining clarity on what to measure, and how to make best use of the outputs of those measurements.

Sign up here: https://www.waterstons.com/events/data-driven-decision-making-in-unprecedented-times

A litte more context below.

Universities are an eclectic mix of cutting-edge research, world changing-innovation and centuries old tradition. Ultra-modern, glass-plated campuses can mask communities that are slow to embrace change. “We’ve always done it like that” and “we tried that in the last transformation programme and it didn’t work” echoes down corridors while world class scientists recreate the Big Bang in the building next door and a group of students build the new Facebook in the start-up incubator downstairs.

Responding to the Coronavirus pandemic has forced institutions to shift gear, decisions suddenly need to be made with a speed and agility that we’ve not known before. Classes are moving online, buildings are closed, even the most traditional of universities are trialling new ways of interacting with students. And all this is becoming the new norm remarkably quickly.

It is becoming very clear that when we must change, we can do it as quickly and effectively as the leanest of those start-ups downstairs.

But what does this mean for the future?

In this webinar we will pause, just for a moment, to take stock and to think about what we can learn from this new world. How can we embrace and take advantage of this rate of change? Can we embed this agile mindset many of us have been pushed into adopting? And in the past couple of months, how have we made such important decisions so quickly despite such overwhelming uncertainty?

We all know that high quality decision making on short timescales requires empowerment of staff, appropriate data to assist us and a new set of skills. But what does that really mean?

Join us to discuss

  • What actually is appropriate data and measurement?
  • Is this the end of management by committee?
  • How can you ensure you have the right skills to thrive in this fast-changing environment?