Data puts the “D” into Digital

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  Digital transformations are quite the thing. Many organisations seem to have a self-styled Chief Digital Officer trumpeting the reinvigoration of their products and services with a capital D.  While it would be churlish to deny the benefits of making such products and services simpler to access, easier to use and more interesting to consume, I do have a couple of issues with the concept of digital transformation. Firstly it’s not a project or a plan. It’s underpinned by a step change in people and culture. Yet so much of it is envisaged from the standpoint of technology driven UX, and that’s [...]

Data is the new oil. Except it isn’t.

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Hang on that must be true because IBM said so back in 2013. That article is worth a read – not because the basic premise stands up, but because it correctly identifies three of the most important data management components that are foundational and integral to any organisation recognising that data is an asset. We’ll come back to that because those four small words have suffered a huge amount of misunderstanding, misdirection and misuse. First though let’s return to the less trumpeted parts of data management. Down in the operational trenches, data stewards and other practitioners are in a war to maintain and – [...]

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