There's a difference
There’s a difference

It would be simple – if very dull – to just post the highlights of my CV into this page.  I feel it would be more useful to talk about the experience of working in many organisations and many sectors in the last 25 years.

I have been lucky enough to work for small organisations and huge multi nationals . I’ve run two consultancy companies, co-created software solutions, developed and deployed frameworks, contracted, consulted and acted in a multitude of Interim senior management positions.

My experience has led me from very technical IT infrastructure design and build, through various roles in data governance and management while consulting for both a major global organisation and for far smaller teams.  Around five years ago, I used all that I’d had learned to try and bring an enterprise architecture approach – with a specific focus on data – to the higher education sector.

II have worked with over thirty UK universities, most of the sector agencies including UCAS, HESA and the QAA and a host of talented but frustrated practitioners in the HE sector. I designed and developed the HEDIIP data capability framework, led the team to create the HESA in-year collection model and designed both a sector level and a HESA instance of a best practice data governance approach.

When looking at potential opportunities the sentences I love to hear  include ‘it’s not possible to do it in that time‘ and ‘we’ve had consultancies in and they’ve talked a good game but not delivered‘.

The joy of being independent of any umbrella organisation ensures you are judged on purely what you can bring to a problem or opportunity.  All of my work is through reference and that’s exactly the way it should be; no brand, no marketing, just bringing people together for a unitary purpose and leaving them with a few more skills and a successful outcome.

That’s what I believe my experience brings to clients both those who’ve retained me over the last fifteen years or new opportunities yet to emerge.

While my CV reads ‘Enterprise Architect‘ and lists a whole range of skills, experience and succesful projects, I hope it is my attitude, passion and inclusiveness which is of at least as much interest to potential clients.

Career history, projects, clients and recommendations can be found on my LinkledIn Profile  .

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